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What does it mean that a profile is "closed"?
It means that the profile is inactive, and it is not possible to send messages to the owner of the profile anymore.

Wow, that's lame... Can you tell me why this profile is closed? Please?
No, we cannot. This is confidential information. Sorry...

OK, but can you give me some general information about closed profiles?
1) The member may have choosen to close his or her profile for private reasons.
2) It may also have been closed by us. If it was closed by us, the most comon reasons are if the member was:

  • Behaving rude
  • Asking for money
  • Sending money (If no members ever send money, no members will ever ask for money...)
  • Uploading fake or otherwise inappropriate pictures
  • Creating more than one profile
  • Spamming by sending the same message to many different members
  • Advertising
  • Discriminating other members for their sexual orientation
  • In any other way violated our terms of use

How do you know when to close a profile?
We rely on help from you. In every profile there is a "stop button" located to the lower right. Click this button to report "bad" members to us. If the evidence is clear, or when a member gets a certain number of complaints, his or her profile will be closed.

All this talk about closing profiles gives me the creeps. Can my profile be closed too?
Relax... if you play by the rules there is no risk of your profile being closed at all. Just be nice to the world, and the world will be nice to you. It's really as simple as that! :)