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Gender:  Female
Age:  34
Country:  Thailand
State / Region:  Nakorn Ratchasima
City:  Nakorn
Ethnicity:  Asian
Appearance:  Attractive
Height:  166 cm (5'5")
Weight:  50 kg (110 lbs)
Eye color:  Black
Hair color:  Black
Education:  University - Graduated
Occupation:  education
Religion:  Buddhist
Zodiac:  Aries
Born in the year of:  Snake
Marital status:  Single
Have children:  No
Wants children:  Yes
Willing to relocate:  Not sure
Smoking:  Non smoker
Drinking:  Non drinker
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Chon Buri

Asian woman dollhana from Nakorn in Thailand

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This is real life

......... I have a shoe. I walk into a shoe store with a variety of colors - multi-drop line.

Then do not. However, it does not seem to be back with a pair of shoes like the option to eventually come to a halt in front of a mirror, a luxury shops. Pair of gloriously high-heeled shoes that reflects through the glass from touching my eye at first sight.

It's a beautiful shoe that would have adorned the feet with every step. Even a small price tag - and that it will be small at no cost. But I do not hesitate to pay a little money to get it to boot. Like most of the day.

"... I have a pair of tight little new at this so," I asked the sales clerk while trying to insert my foot into a pair of shoes to fit. I find it naturally - I do not have to move our feet.

I do not know ... We have only one pair. It's that unique. Sales offers the advantage of shopping. But I think I fit into it. I stretched it a little. She continues to offer the product on the eyes, which I admired her.

That evening I returned home with a smile, a beautiful model with a pair of shoes in my hand. Arranged to throw a pair of old sneakers for years to come off as indifferent.

The next day ... I was out walking with a new pair of shoes to be beautiful Even if it's a beautiful thing to watch somebody, the more grateful I am. But behind the day's rampant damn shoes until I walked staggeringly And that evening I had to come home with feet that rankle

If life is like a voyage. I would like shoes ... In fact, I think we do not want to "pretty shoes" more than "comfortable shoes".

That's it - no. I would like shoes - I. With them. No wonder that many people tend to buy shoes because "it's pretty" rather than "it fit the foot," and even then it will put me a little bit ... uncomfortable, but not hands. Why, because it's pretty expensive, it would be desirable, or even unreasonable to want to own it.

If we have to travel a long way ... Despite the expensive brands of shoes worthy of brand names. It was no use. Although I have my feet hurt ... but if it does they will have to take it off. If we continue to oppose the sore feet - I would go to the end of the road.

Love is like ... We may yearn to be rich, it's pretty clever, elegant, but the fact that ... We just need someone - someone to give us a better look at it.

I was wearing comfortable shoes ... I do not have anything beautiful. So who will hold your hand all the way to life is not necessarily a person. I think it is perfectly possible, maybe jealous.

Wearing comfortable walking shoes, then it might make us happier. I believe it will take us to our destination by a sore foot, and imagine. I want to throw it away, then know it to survive ... Throughout the trip.

I want to meet a Male
with age from 18 to 80
and I want to meet for Friendship, Romance, Marriage or Other.

Finding love online on cyberspace. This is not an easy or difficult. Than to seek love in the world of reality. Edinswn back and forth with people even less. It's not different from real life.
You can tell right away. You Edinswn with someone. And feel attractive.
I tripped on someone like that. That the person is. Yes .... someone who is looking for you.
Or is someone you are confident that the future lay with him.
Of course ... if you have enough reason. That will not let sentiment Wabhwam a dictator.
That the person you think. He may be the one you been waiting for.
Is to share life with you. Until you have learned. And prove to people that clearly before.
The exchange of ideas. With that special someone online to meet
May start up an open and easily. The beauty of a printed letter sent.
May have the magic that it makes your heart .... Bound by the beauty of imagination, ideals, dreams.
Now, how do you conclude that ..... ...... That is love.
Until you stepped out of a world of your dreams. To meet with the fact that some people are.
Allowing himself bound to the imagination. It will allow you to experience the disappointment and anguish. If the dream is not as fast as you think. I can not be started between strangers.
And whether you're online. Talk to him long years.
Familiar with the feeling that is. Walls of strangers, but never collapsed.
Until you and he will meet in the real world. Love does not happen easily confused on this.
And it can not be found easily in the world to see. I want to learn. And understanding between two people. Love is known. In order to agree on the identity of the real well.
So if you are thinking. You have to love or pain with a special guy.
Meet each other online every day. And you've never heard. I see. And never accept the truth that
When he was living in normal society. Or simply in love with idealized images of themselves. Was created. Is to take him to step out from the world of imagination for it. To meet in real life.
Remember that one year .. talk ... it's not a day that was found. You will be self-evident answer to that. He is the one that you should learn. And to feel special or not. Expression, eyes and body language of the other. How clear is what will make you more ... Sweet love letters sent to the printer. The voice on the phone that he is a sincere friend. And want to engage with you seriously.
Or simply to disguise the hole you fall. In the language for fun in the game.
Or the emotional interests. If you know that you are a sensitive person.
We have friendly and good looking too.
I do not take heart in the decision. And recognition of words through the internet.
And a brain to read all of the characters consciously. Do not let the traps of the language. Imprison your heart. But if you are a rational .Fun games and tricks in this cyber world.
I feel indifferent to every letter, every page sent. Do not use any of your text.
Responded in what you do not feel I can. Because people who have read your messages.
May be a sensitive topic. And the words that you can easily fall into the trap.
To handle yourself, use your head,. To handle others, use your heart.
Take care of your heart to the brain.
Take heart and the heart to care for others who are online to meet with you .....
If you are the one who is online to find love.
I wish you good luck and safe journey in this world.
Until you find someone that is ready to move on with your life.
More importantly .... be careful, do not forget to take care of your own heart.
Throughout this journey with. Never perfect.
Let us accept the truth in this. Fellowship with someone else.
I do not expect to be perfect ,Because he is human just like us ordinary mortals.
Have both advantages and disadvantages inherent in the mix.
Set high expectations