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mieshell - Taipei Singles, Taipei Girls
mieshell 29, Asian, taipei, Taiwan Girl
ASK ME HERE +886917465753

ask me later [email protected]
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Tsaihan - Taiwan Personals, Taiwan Girls
Tsaihan 20, Asian, Taipei, Taiwan Girl
Want to meet some new friends or more :)

Hi ... i'm a student now.i think i'm a happiness, friendly, and easy-going girl :)

to be honest find a right one is hard , so... i prefer to make new friends, and see what will happened :) age for me is not a problem ... to "BE HONEST" is more important.
4 hrs, 54 mins ago
Christyblack - Taiwan Singles, Taiwan Girls
Christyblack 27, Asian, Taipei, Taiwan Girl
My life is great but I know it would be even better if I had someone special to share it with.

Im philosophical and a deep thinker by nature. Im somewhat stubborn but try and be fair to everyone. I will listen to and respect other thoughts and ideas. I am laid back but passionate about certain things in life.

que j'en ai marre des personnes qui ce permettent de juger. Avant de juger, apprend à connaitre la personne et surtout occupe toi de ce qui te regarde.
7 hrs, 3 mins ago
werinja - Taiwan Singles, Taiwan Girls
werinja 23, Caucasian (White), Taipei, Taiwan Girl
Be As You Are

Hello everyone ^^

I am 23 years old and i am studying + working in Taiwan. I LOVE Asia and I am here almost 2 years.
I have a lot Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese friends.... but its never enough ^^ heheh

I love to dance, snowboarding, traveling, meeting friends and making new friends.
Till now i have been already in 29 countries.... but i would like to see much more XD

7 hrs, 6 mins ago
JJW - Taipei Singles, Taipei Girls
JJW 29, Asian, Taipei, Taiwan Girl
Look for sincere and decent men

I have a quality of softness and friendliness and I like to keep beauty and grace around me as much as possible. I have a special talent for keeping the spirit of an affair fresh, but I am a very steady and reliable partner in a love relationship.
6 hrs, 50 mins ago
skygirl99 - Looking for my soulmate.....
skygirl99 46, Asian, Taipei, Taiwan Woman
Looking for my soulmate.....

If I'm not home,,,,,,I must be somewhere in the air!
8 hrs, 4 mins ago
hyh - Taiwan Personals, Taiwan Women
hyh 34, Asian, taipei, Taiwan Woman
i want have man with me go to travel everywhere. i want have laugh with me into my life everytime.

hi, i'm eden,
yes, am looking for a nice guy.
yes, i want to have dating with nice guy.
yes, i want to becoming fluent in Speaking and Writing English.
and yes, if could! both have, fall in love and to be better.

how to use words to describe me
funny, sweety, lovely, silly and shilly....
if you looking for hot girl, nottt me ε

what do i do for fun? travel!
don't have...
8 hrs, 46 mins ago
lovelorn_16 - Taipei Singles, Taipei Girls
lovelorn_16 29, Asian, taipei, Taiwan Girl
stop!lets talk for awhile with a smile :)....

The truth is people are my mirror,my friends know me better than I know myself.They known me with my face uncovered,open minded,sweet ,caring and a good listener.I'am vulnerable yet strong,a silent type of person yet sensible,I am optimistic but a keen observer,a kind of a person who can be so hurt but still can look in your eyes and smile "outwardly happy but dee...
8 hrs, 39 mins ago
KID-adult - Taiwan Dating, Taiwan Girls
KID-adult 28, Asian, Taipei, Taiwan Girl
looking for serious relationship!!

:hello:♥ a mature and childlike Taiwanese girl wants meet a decent sincere ppl~ ♥ :P

hi folks, I'm from Taiwan, I've been Vancouver for 6 months in 2009, it's nice to met some awesome friends, I miss them bad:(

I'm into music, singing, cooking, movies, writing Chinese lyrics, travel, photographing and meet new friends from everywhere...
I'm caring, pretty outgoing please...
7 hrs, 20 mins ago
charming woman - Taipei Personals, Taipei Women
charming woman 46, Asian, Taipei, Taiwan Woman

I am charmng and easygoing Taiwanese woman who is living in Taipei , Taiwan .
I am looking for a nice guys from this website for my partner .
I am not rich but not poor , scammer please go away .
If you are a nice guy and good looking I am welcome .
If you are looking for a nanny , please find other woman .
If you are looking for a nurse , please find others .
Thanks for your reading my prof...
9 hrs, 34 mins ago
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