Gender:  Female
Age:  36
Country:  China
State / Region:  GUANGDONG
Ethnicity:  Asian
Appearance:  Very Attractive
Height:  157 cm (5'2")
Weight:  40 kg (88 lbs)
Eye color:  Black
Hair color:  Black
Education:  College - Graduated
Occupation:  I'll tell you later
Religion:  No Religion
Zodiac:  Cancer
Born in the year of:  Rabbit
Marital status:  Single
Have children:  No
Wants children:  Undecided
Willing to relocate:  Not sure
Smoking:  Non smoker
Drinking:  Non drinker
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Asian woman DANCINGGIRL from GUANGZHOU in China

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Get off ! liars who used to use "love" words to cheat for free sex , go buy sex or find fool girl

An ugly, fat, bald, hairy, interesting, affectionate and kinky husband wanted (seriously, not joking

Firstly, we need to identify:

Ugly: you are not look like model or movie star.

Fat: I am not fat. my outside package: 36 yo old biological age, 28 yo old face, 20 yo old super slim body, 12 yo old tits.
So if u have bigger tits than me, it would be more fun.

Bald: I have long hair; it's a little bit of trouble to clean the brush off hair in house, if u r bald would be better for me.
And they said bald man is sexier. But I won't jealous if you have more hair than me

Hairy: means hairy body, I have my taste of what is a sexy body; he should be a white male person, like a hairy fat monkey but his tail is in the front.

Interesting: Nobody can be 24X7 sex hot line; so it is better you know a lot of other things beside sex and not being a working machine.
Better u read a lot, so you can tell me bed –time story before sleep and can understand my book shelf too.
Better that classic music is part of your favorite, i enjoy many style of music, but classic is important one.
Great if you are good in teasing and been teased; then u can deal easier with my emotional temper and get most fun.

Affectionate: I can't fall asleep if we lay down in same bed without endless holding, laughing, kissing, touching. We should be a pair of octopus to hug each other.

Kinky: that's complicated mixed thing, can't explain it in short words here. I ask more higher a lot that inside part, if u fit the above list, try to ask me. Know that I love oral!

The last thing, don't call me "baby" or any of those kind of sweet and stupid names.
I am rather you call me freak, at least I am not the same as others.

By the way, I worked in foreign trading company before and now working at home, running my own small online shop. so if you need any help in guangzhou or shenzhen, like interpreter, purchasing, sourcing, local guide, teaching, information etc. contact me :)

I want to meet a Male
with age from 30 to 46
and I want to meet for Marriage.

if we live together:)

1。I will call many different pet-names, like hairy monkey, baby gorilla, lovely octopus, cute koala bear … depends on the different situation and my mood. So don’t feel surprise if I call a new name, just answer to it!

2。You will be asked to tell me a morning story to wake me up – so it has to be funny and interesting. And you will need to tell me bed-time stories too, so these have to be boring to send me to sleep quickly. So u should be good at telling new stories – minimum of two stories a day. But remember! The morning story should be fun and exciting and bed story should be boring. Must be lots of bed-room talking, fun and laughing, kissing and holding. It makes me feel safe.

3。You will be asked at least 20 times every day the same question “do u like me?” I will come and sit on your lap, hold you and ask this question. And yes is not always enough of an answer. Sometimes you’ll have to tell me you like me too much. To get me to leave you alone, you must get the answer correct.

4If you sleep earlier than me, In the middle of the night you will wake up to my octopus style hug “I just finished a horror movie, so scared … hold me!” Hehe, u know, without u sleeping there I will not dare to watch horror movie alone in the house. And in fact you should get used to me asking you to hold me many times. Even if you are already holding me, I will still ask you to hold me.

5.You will be asked to cook for me, and you’ll get it right. Don’t expect that from me; I maybe will cook one or two time one year. If you do get it right, then I will tell u how I enjoy your cooking so much! Get it wrong and you’ll hear about it too.

6.You will be asked many times “How about this clothing?” – but probably not more than 20 times in one day. Sometimes I try many clothes in a day, one by one for few hours for fun – and I’ll need your honest feedback. Ah, maybe u will call me the annoying peacock. It’s best you know what does look great on my little body.

7.The only shopping I do is for clothes, maybe medicine if you are sick. All food shopping is your job, and it’ll be a rare day that I am with you to do it.

8.Maybe sometimes I will fart in bed in silence – your problem to know it. But when you fart in bed I will speak out loud, and you’ll know my exact views about it.

9.I am extra good at forgetting your birthday, and special anniversary events in your life. You’d best not make the same mistake with me.

10.I’m quite good at not listening to you talk to me about your issues, so it’s best you assume I should be told several times and to not get offended when I change the subject in the middle of your sentence.

Ok, now you find me a little about my cute and bossy side then? We’re not finished yet.

11.Mostly I am in happy mood. But every month for maybe in few days, whatever you do won’t be enough. I just won’t feel good, so maybe I need funnier story on those days. And we should not keep guns or knives in the house during these times. U understand?

12.You are expected to be a very experienced man with a past. I’ll want to know all about your past lovers to know you more. But you will not be allowed to flirt with new girls after me. And of course you’ll not be meeting any of them.

13.I too am not a virgin who just got off the bus from my hometown. You will accept I have experimented a little bit and that I have learned what I know from the real world. Unlike you though, I will continue to flirt with other men and you will accept that. And if I want, I will meet them. I am happy to be honest about my time with them, if you want to know it.

OK, now – it is for you guys to learn what is true about the above.

For those who like my pic, you must work out for yourself what about the above is true, and what is not. It is for you to explore me by intelligent replies. Some of my words maybe you can accept. Some maybe you cannot. I’m not going to make it easy for you to find out the true/fal