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angie_boa - Aarhus Singles, Aarhus Girls
angie_boa 26, Asian, aarhus, Denmark Girl
go for someone who is not only proud to have you but will also take every risk just to keep you

simply me
love music a lot

13 hrs, 51 mins ago
amor grace - Denmark Personals, Denmark Girls
amor grace 28, Asian, Aarhus, Denmark Girl
sweet and simple

I came from the Philippines, in the Ciyt of Love, Iloilo city, and i am an au-pair here in Denmark for 8 months...I'm the eldest of the 6 children... I like reading cooking books at the same time i love to cook..I like also listening to the music, love songs and inspirational songs...
23 Nov 2011
ven0y - Aarhus Singles, Aarhus Girls
ven0y 26, Asian, aarhus, Denmark Girl
I want serious relationship..

i am nice, funny ang loving pers0n.. when it comes to a relationship im faithful, sweet and understanding.. hopefully s0on i finally meet someone who i could spend the rest of my life with.. and that could be `YOU?....
15 Jun 2011