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Launched in 2012, is the top Asian dating app on the market. In our database, you can create a dating profile, browse and search for high-quality members and send messages to candidates that you are interested in. It’s very easy to use – simply join the community and start contacting other singles who are looking for people like you.

Friends and more than friends….

As the best Asian dating app, we offer the best experience that you can have in your dating life. You can find partners, lovers and friends on this platform. This is a very inclusive community, meaning you don’t have to be Asian in order to become a member. If you are interested in meeting an Asian candidate, this is the place to be!
Women on are very attractive – most of them are from East Asia, i.e. women with black hair and fair skin. Think Korean movie stars and Japanese pop singers… 😉 Maybe your East Asian candidate is on her way to becoming Snow White (black hair & fair skin)!
Of course, if you prefer exotic women from South Asia, you will be able to meet them as well – they have black hair and a natural tan – very exciting!

A very vibrant community:

Best App Asia

We are a highly vibrant community with at least 7,000 members online at a time. That means if you are keen to find someone suitable, is the right place for you because you will have many options to choose from. Isn’t that awesome?

Having options is the best way to eliminate emotional neediness and insecurity. So, it’s time to create more options for yourself and build a wonderful love life for your future.

Of course, if you are interested in finding a long-term relationship, that’s great. We have a lot of candidates who are also looking for long-term commitments, so you will be able to meet someone cool in record time. 

Because this is the best Asian dating app in the industry, we keep this platform’s software as well as hardware running as perfectly as possible. Our technology is very advanced and the algorithm is definitely on your side.

Note that you must be at least 18 years of age in order to join this site because nobody will babysit you, okay? 😊 Also, please note that our site doesn’t screen every member because we don’t conduct background checks for all members. It is your responsibility when it comes to identifying which candidate is reliable – at the end of the day, you are an adult and you are responsible for your own life. 

Best App Asia

The best Asian dating app is a safe platform

  • If you meet someone suspicious, you can report that person to our customer service team. When you click on the stop button which can be found to the lower right on every dating profile or under every message on the message page, reports will be made immediately. However, the system is built on consensus, meaning usually, more than one complaint needs to be made against a particular user before we take action, as we must make sure the complaint is legitimate.
  • Well, if you ask your friends to report the same user, this will be detected by our customer service team and will be considered to be false reporting which is invalid. Also, reports made due to jealousy or revenge are also considered as false reporting.
  • That being said, if you don’t want to communicate with a member, you can click on the stop button which will block that person permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Answer: You can go to ‘My Page’ and click on ‘Delete my account’. This will permanently delete your profile as well as all your messages.

Answer: On the best Asian dating app, you cannot change your username, but you can change your password – simply go to ‘My Page’ and click on ‘Change my password’ – nice and easy!

Answer: The photo policy is only clear face and face/shoulder shots of high quality are allowed. This is a new policy, so photos which were uploaded before the new policy was introduced may not abide by this policy.

Answer: Since the best Asian dating app is actually free, we can’t really guarantee a response every time. But normally, the average response time is five to seven days. Also, if the question is answered on our site already, we won’t send you a reply.

Answer: This is a million-dollar question. If you have an Asian box fetish, you would know that the Asian box is much tighter, which means all Asian women are naturally hotter from a biological point of view. Nevertheless, if you evaluate the attractiveness of an Asian woman based on other criteria such as height, skin tone, hair, facial structure, figure, breasts, legs and feet, the answer is subjective, i.e. it’s all about perceived beauty rather than objective beauty. From our observation, North and East Asian women are more sexually alluring because they have very smooth skin, whereas South and West Asian women are more exotic and look very healthy because their tan is natural. Almost all Asian women have black hair and black eyes, by the way!

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